The Best Free and Paid Anti-Spyware Software: Year-to-Date Update

There are so many forms of malware out there and they are just ready to sneak onto your computer and do their destruction. Malware includes worms, viruses, and things like those annoying toolbars that add themselves to your computer when you download what you thought was a helpful tool. The worst forms of malware will put your computer at serious risks. Your most important data could be compromised, your identity stolen and your computer destroyed. The lesser evil programs are annoying but they can also send some sensitive information to advertisers and compromise your privacy.

What you need in your defense is a great anti-spyware software program running on your PC at all times. The good news is that there are excellent programs you can use and they are free. There are benefits to buying a full edition of the antivirus software, but some free versions are good enough to protect your PC right now.

You can get basic defense against malware with free versions. But you will ordinarily want to pay for the full version so that your computer can stay protected against a vast array of attacks. Paid versions usually update so that they also protect your PC from the latest forms of malware.

There are some brands out there that are better than others even with the free version. You may be looking for a new security package for your computer. Try the free versions first and then buy the regular version when you are ready.

One of the best free software programs to try is Bit Defender. Install it and it will run quietly in the background. It identifies any threats and will eliminate them. The software can scan your computer to detect threats every time you turn your computer on. This is a quick program and it will run without annoying ads. It provides plenty of protection without compromising your privacy or your sanity.

Another free version to use is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program. This is one of the most popular programs around. It is a go-to product for people who discover that their PC is in danger or is not running properly. Quickly head over to the Malwarebytes webpage, download the free version and relax. It will scan your computer and take care of eliminating malware and spyware of all kinds.

Malwarebytes is one of the most popular because it works to tackle programs that others miss. The only issue with this is that while you can download it in a pinch for free, you will want to invest in the paid version. The free version will stop providing real-time protection and hyper scans after two weeks.

This version is a bargain at about $30 a year. You should give the free version a try even when you are not in a dire situation with your computer’s safety. You will see how effective it is and discover for yourself how valuable the premium version is for the price.