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This site is a sort of a remake of an old site I fancied about many years ago. I was a novice back then when it comes to malware, spyware, computer hacking, viruses and what have you. You may find some reborn articles and information. Well, some links might be obsolete already (I have to update then from time to time).  The bottom line is to help people out there who were like me years back, trying to do all the surfing in order to get answers from all the techie questions I encountered along the way. I still remember how that old site helped a lot of answer-seekers like I was. Time really flies so fast, and so as the ever-changing information in technology.

Please visit me more often if you find this website helpful. I promise to put up more related content soon. If you’re interested in a topic or you find yourself dumbfounded on a related topic, just contact me. 

We’ll start a good conversation from there.